Self Defence, The Bujinkan Way

It’s quite normal for the un-initiated to question whether a martial art that was developed during the dark ages in Japan (approx. 1000 years ago) is still valid today as a self-defence martial art.

And while the danger of entering a medieval style battle in this modern era seems unlikely, the martial art of the samurai and ninja are still valid. By understanding that the tools once used in ancient times must be adapted to today, allows for techniques which use them to also be varied and remain effective.

Choosing a Japanese Martial Art

With a great many “modern day” Japanese martial arts to choose from including; Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Kendo, Aikido etc, it’s difficult to know which one is going to best serve you as a true self-defence martial art.

If it is self-defence that is most important to you, or your loved ones, then choose the martial art which offers the most realism and respect for what violence is – it’s an attempt on your way of life.

The reason being is that Ninjutsu, which remains true to the teachings of the Bujinkan, will never become a sport. Rules will never be adhered to and adaptation to ones environment will remain paramount.

The way of the Bujinkan is held honourable and true when taught by Shihan Jamie MacAninch at the Bujinkan MacAninch Dojo. This is achieved through developing and understanding for the traditional ways, combined with modern day adaptations, realism and without Hollywood’s unrealistic distortions.