Beenleigh Martial Arts Dojo:

Instructor: Shihan, Jamie Mac Aninch

Jamie Mac Aninch started his very first training in the same dojo he teaches from today - in Beenleigh - over 30 years ago. The Bujinkan MacAninch Dojo studies the Martial Arts of the Ninja - otherwise known as Ninjutsu - and Samurai.

While many of us have spent our lives building and educating ourselves in our careers, it could be said that Jamie has done the same with his training within the Bujinkan. 

Jamie Mac Aninch is a master level instructor (15th Dan, shihan) in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and has learnt the martial art directly from Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, Nagato Sensei and Noguchi Sensei in his many travels to Japan. Jamie has also spent many years living and breathing the Bujinkan art including spending an uninterrupted 8 year period whereby training everyday, conducting private lessons, holding seminars nationally and running his own dojo. 

In an effort to pay both the Grandmaster and the Bujinkan the utmost respect, the purity of Jamie’s style is evident in his own teachings. Balancing traditional techniques with adaptations to today’s real-world scenario’s, is where Jamie excels. This shows not only that Jamie understands the importance in keeping the warrior heritage of this art sacred but also its ability to adapt.


Burleigh Heads, Martial Arts Dojo:

Instructor: Shidoshi, Chris Hogan

From the age of 12 Chris studied Ninjutsu with Jamie Mac Aninch at the Beenleigh Dojo until age 17 when university studies, international travel and re-establishing himself with a family and business on the Gold Coast took his focus away from martial arts.

With his passion for the art of Ninjutsu buried deep in his heart for almost 13 years, Chris couldn’t help but return to study with Jamie once again at the age of 30. Now back with his original Sensei (Teacher) – in the same dojo he trained in as a teenager – it became clear that this martial art meant more to Chris than simply learning self-defence. There was a new lesson to be learned from Jamie, and the Bujinkan would dramatically change Chris’s life for the better.

Returning to train in the art now known as Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (AKA Ninjutsu) after 13 years meant Chris had to work hard to regain his fitness, agility and awareness of what was important. During these absent years there had been a subtle but huge shift in the way in which the art was practiced and taught, and Chris found that he was far greener than he would have liked. So he decided to relinquish his 5th Kyu (Green Belt) grade and start fresh, as a white belt.

Chris has made several trips to Japan to attend the Kunoichi Taikai held at the Budokan in Ayase, Tokyo, and also to train with Soke (Grand Master) Hatsumi, Shihan’s Nagato Sensei and Noguchi.

With more recent trips with others from the Mac Aninch Dojo, Chris has trained at the Hombu (Bujinkan Headquarters in Noda, Chiba-ken Tokyo, Japan). It is here Chris sat and passed the Go Dan (5th Dan) test, which was conducted by Nagato Sensei in front of Soke and Shihan visiting from around the world.

Achieving the grade of Go Dan, Chris has attained a level of understanding of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, which allows him to become a Shidoshi (Teacher of the Way) and open a dojo of his own. And while 5th Dan is most definitely an achievement Chris is proud of, it means new beginnings for his training and seeking a higher level of understanding of this martial art.

Chris began sharing his passion for Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu by teaching his learning’s to new comers to this art by opening the Gold Coast Bujinkan Dojo at Burleigh Heads