Children's Martial Arts Classes

Give yourself and/or your child the gift of learning a traditional Japanese martial art that teaches ethical lessons which can be applied in real life.

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (AKA Ninjutsu) is an ancient martial art developed during 1000 years of war and peace in Japan. 

The 9 schools, which make up the Bujinkan are where many Japanese martial arts stem from. These schools combine the martial tactics utilized by the samurai and the ninja.

Keeping with the traditions of the Bujinkan, asian martials arts have been proven to show significant improvements in student self-knowledge, self-improvement, and self-control while also learning self-defence.

Disciplining the body to re-learn correct physical alignment and movement is fundamental to understanding this art and plays an important role in developing a solid foundation for future learning.

Before students learn self-defence against an attacker they will first and always learn to avoid physical confrontation, escape and avoid injury.

Students will then begin learning higher level techniques involving punches, kicks, throws, joint locks and grappling with and without weapons.

If you’re looking for variation in your training which includes training both the mind and the body, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is for you.

Childrens Classes Are For Ages:

Both male and female students are welcomed from 4years-15years

We are happy to encourage family involvement should parents and guardians wish to join in. 

See Timetable here.

Training remains the same during QLD school holidays unless the instructor advises otherwise.