Who might benefit most from training in the Bujinkan?

The Bujinkan way is best understood by those people whom have a respect for life and preservation of life without the vigilante mindset.

For example protecting yourself or ones family from danger may be of the utmost importance in your path in life. Establishing this as your first and foremost goal rather than to think you’re going to rid the streets of thugs is an important mindset to grasp before stepping foot into a Bujinkan Dojo.

Those whom are looking to build their self confidence find great benefits in training within the Bujinkan. This is because there is a constant effort made to understanding “real violence” and violent situations. Understanding that real violence doesn’t occur in a gym, sports arena or even in the dojo is very important to improving your awareness of violence. Once you establish a basis for what violence really is, you’re better able to identify real violent situations outside of the dojo. And in most daily activities many of us will rarely encounter such situations, therefore we’re able to feel more confident about ourselves, our ability to identify with these situations and act accordingly.

For example: a confrontational meeting with your boss or irate customer might normally make you feel threatened, nervous or fearful. But because you have spent time training in (staged) violent re-enactments you will better be able to establish the difference between a life threatening attack and posturing. As a result you will feel calmer and more confident you can deal with the stress which is about to occur.

On the other hand you may notice violent situations sooner and be able to avoid them all together. This being a true indication, that your understanding of human behaviour and the way of the Bujinkan art, is being grasped.


Do I have to be fit to begin training within the Bujinkan?

The quick answer is, no.

Traditionally the Bujinkan has not focused on fitness. This art was developed during a time when leading a sedentary life would mean either starving or being killed. So in an effort to constantly adapt a 1000-year old art to today’s reality, there are a great many reasons why a healthy body is important for getting the most out of your training.

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to begin training, the perfect time is now. Waiting until you’re 100% fit and healthy before training, means you could be missing out on what you need most. Training will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you improve every time you attend.

Each training session starts with a 15 minute warm-up, consisting of a combination of body weight exercises, jogging / walking and performing the Sanshin No Kata – 5 choreographed techniques to assist with understanding good posture and body movement (Taijutsu).

If you are carrying an injury, it is up to you to determine your own capabilities for training however in most cases you may still be able to train but at your own pace. Please always seek medical advice before embarking on any training regime.